[Former] (??) hobbyist web developer PHP with mySQL, X/HTML, CSS. This is my home of randomness.

Why hello there, stranger. My name is "Kjerstin". I am between the ages of 28 and 47. I was introduced to the Internet in a non-educational setting in 2002, that being the year I started blogging. I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I currently live in the Piedmont of the Carolinas. I will always call Minnesota my home, and consider myself a Minnesotan.

Things I Like
Domestic travel. Rubber ducks. Postcards. Sewing. Driving. Web programming. Math. Severe weather. Photography. Jigsaw puzzles. Airplanes.

Things I Dislike
Glitter. Humidity. Betrayal. Eggs. Loneliness. Ranch dressing. Mayonnaise.

Beliefs and Values
Agnostic-athiest. Childfree. Closely identify as a Libertarian; I believe in personal freedom, equal rights, and non-interventionism in foreign policy. Pro-choice. Abolitionist. Health at every size. Forgiveness. Patience. Gratitude.

Click here for my "been here" map.

Minnesota 2021 - state fair food pics and stuff.

Other Stuff
CompTIA A+ Certified July 2021


Email: kjerstin at framed dot net


Last updated: July 14, 2022